30 April 2008

Group Photo

Group photo taken at Whitby. I've given it an old photo feel in Photoshop.


  • ISO 100
  • Exposure 1/80 sec
  • F/5
  • Focal length - 27mm

29 April 2008

Another photo from Whitby

This was taken around by the amusements just above the steps leaading down to the beach. Maybe it's where they sell the deck chairs from, I don't know.
  • Lens aperture - f/6.3
  • Focal Length - 17mm
  • Exposure time - 1/100 sec
  • Metering Mode - Pattern
  • ISO 100
  • Exposure Compensation -0.7 step

28 April 2008


Whitby's skyline is dominated by the ruins of St Hildas' Abbey, high on Whitby's East Cliff. Spreading below Whitby, a maze of alleyways and narrow streets run down to the busy quayside. From the old town of Whitby, 199 steps lead up to the parish church of St. Mary, whose churchyard on Whitby's East Cliff gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write his world famous book, Dracula.
In Whitby there is an authentic replica of HMS Endeavour which was sailed by Captain James Cook during his scientific expedition of 1768 has been traditionally built by Whitby craftsmen and stands in the water some 40% of the original ships size.
Settings (Whitby)
  • Focal Length - 16mm
  • F-Number - f/3.1
  • Exposure Time - 1/320 sec
  • ISO - 400
  • Sunset Mode

Settings (The Endeavour)

  • Focal Length - 31mm
  • F-Number - f/4.5
  • Exposure Time - 1/500 sec
  • ISO 160
  • Landscape Mode

27 April 2008

More Goth Pics

Still nursing my aching back today after yesterday trip down the steps of the Abbey. Thank goodness I had hold of the handrail or it could've been really nasty.

26 April 2008

Whitby Gothic Festival

Went to Whitby today to take some photos of the Goths. They hold a festival twice a year now at Whitby where they all dress up in their finery and meet up for a 'Goth Fest'. The event is held in April & October (Halloween).
Tripped down a couple of steps down from the Abbey and pulled my back again (just as it was starting to get better).

25 April 2008


Taken at Raby Castle last night at Dusk. The light was beautiful across the newly mown field. You can just see the deer grazing in the background under the trees.


focal length - 150mm
F number - F/6.3
ISO -100
Exposure Time - 1/160 sec

24 April 2008


There's a funfair come to our town last night and I thought i'd take my chances and take a photo. Of course it's not ideal going on your own with all those youths around nowadays, but I went in the car and pulled up behind the fair where I couldn't be disturbed. I had to put my camera on my bean bag & balance it on my car door. I used a long exposure and i'm happy with the outcome.


Shutter speed - 2.5 sec
Lens Aperture - F/22
Focal length - 43mm
ISO - 200
Aperture Priority
Exposure Compensation - -0.3 step

23 April 2008

BBC Look North

Just got a message from a friend saying my sunset image I took yesterday was shown on the local news channels' weather programme. Woohoo! I'm over the moon. Just didn't expect it to be shown on TV, I only submitted it to see if they would put it on their website weather gallery.

Anyway here's a sunset image I took tonight. Maybe not as good as last nights, but you can see the suns rays on this one coming from the clouds.

22 April 2008


Been down to the picnic site at the Derwent reservoir tonight for sunset. Wasn't a brilliant one, but the haze made it better than it would've been without as the sky was almost cloudless. The reservoir is only a few miles away from me 10 minutes up the road. Unfortunately I had to get out of the grounds as they lock the gates at 8pm so i missed the sun going down completely. Ah well you can't have it all I suppose.

21 April 2008

Creswell & Druridge Bay

Miles & miles of unspoilt coastline. Peace & tranquility. I love the coast. It helps me relax, think pleaseant thoughts of years gone by. My ideal place to live. Maybe when I retire I can move somewhere like this.
Druridge Bay Country Park includes three miles of beautiful beach and sand dunes, plus a large lake surrounded by woods and meadows.
Cresswell parish is located on the Northumberland coast just south of the wide sweep of Druridge Bay. The parish contains archaeological remains stretching back over 6000 years, although most visible to anyone passing through the parish is the medieval tower on the edge of a caravan park.

20 April 2008


Bothal is a village in Notrthumberland. It is situated between Morpeth and Ashington. There is a castle, a church, a vicarage opposite the church gates, some stepping stones over the River Wansbeck, a few houses and that's about it really. But I have to say it a nice quiet place and worth a look around. I'm going back in early summer to see it in bloom with summer flowers.

19 April 2008


I had a lovely day out today up the Northumberland coast, stopping at Newbiggin. Last time I was there the heavens opened, but today it was a glorious sunny day. Walking around the promenade I spotted the two life-sized figures of 'The Couple' statues that are in the middle of the sea. Newbiggin is a lovely little town and well worth a visit.

18 April 2008

The Sage

The first photo is of me walking infront of my camera during a long exposure and having a burst of flash shot at me. I look like a ghost. It was a little experiment we tried out. Next time i'll get a bit further back LOL

All of these are photos of The Sage Gateshead which is a spectacular landmark building on Gateshead Quays at the heart of a cultural regeneration. Built, owned and delivered by Gateshead Council, The Sage Gateshead was winner of the 2004 Robert Stephenson Award for concept & design.

Out with the lads

Here's some more images from my outing last night at the Quayside with Chris & Ron. I'll be posting a few more tomorrow until I get out for another shoot.

17 April 2008

Newcastle Quayside

Just got back from the Quayside after a night's shooting with my friends Chris and Ron from my local camera club. Had a great night, even though most of my shots are rubbish I managed to get this panorama. It's not bad but I think I need to process the raw file again as I'm not completely happy with it. Looking forward to seeing Chris's photos. He had some great ones where the sky looked like it was on fire.

16 April 2008

Escomb Church

Escomb Saxon Church was constructed around 670 A.D and has been a place for Christian Worship for over 1400 years. The church can be found in the village of Escomb on the west side of Bishop Auckland in County Durham.
Much of the stonework came from the remains of the nearby Roman Fort at Binchester. Now restored, it is one of the finest examples of early Christian architecture in Northern Europe.


(1st image)

Shutter Speed - 1/160 sec
Lens Aperture - F/8
Focal Length 11mm
ISO - 100
Metering Mode - Pattern
Exposure Compensation -1 step

(2nd image)

Shutter Speed - 1/100 sec
Lens Aperture - F/7.1
Focal Length 11mm
ISO - 100
Metering Mode - Pattern
Exposure Compensation -0.3 step

(3rd image)

Shutter Speed - 1/30 sec
Lens Aperture - F/4
Focal Length 11mm
ISO - 100
Metering Mode - Pattern
Exposure Compensation -0.3 step

15 April 2008

Early Morning Light

Taken this morning at around 6:45am on my way to work. I didn't have Helen my work colleague in the car with me this morning (she had a day off), so I took a detour on my way to work. Just as I was passing these woods I spotted the sun shining on the tree bark thought it looked nice so I stopped the car and grabbed a couple of shots.


Taken in the Botanical Gardens, Durham.


Shutter Speed - 1/125sec
Lens Aperture - F/6.3
Focal Length - 22mm
ISO 100
Metering Mode - Pattern
Exposure Compensation - -0.3 step

14 April 2008

Durham Botanical Gardens

"The first Botanic Garden in Durham was founded in 1925 when the grounds of the science laboratories where laid out as an experimental garden. As the sciences expanded within the University and more buildings were constructed the garden decreased proportionately, and it was decided in 1969 to move the garden to a new site where it could develop undisturbed and develop and idenitity of its own". (This information is taken from and old guide book written for the Botanic Garden in the early 1970's)

The Botanic Garden has been on this site since 1970. It was created primarily for teaching and research. As the garden matured a visitor centre was built and was opened in 1988 by Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Chancellor of the University at the time, to accomodate the 6000 annual visitors. The garden now attracts over 80,000 visitors annually.

It is set in an Eighteen-acre garden in mature woodland with exotic trees from America and the Himalayas. Prince Bishops’ Garden, tropical house, cactus house with butterflies and insects.