14 April 2008

Durham Botanical Gardens

"The first Botanic Garden in Durham was founded in 1925 when the grounds of the science laboratories where laid out as an experimental garden. As the sciences expanded within the University and more buildings were constructed the garden decreased proportionately, and it was decided in 1969 to move the garden to a new site where it could develop undisturbed and develop and idenitity of its own". (This information is taken from and old guide book written for the Botanic Garden in the early 1970's)

The Botanic Garden has been on this site since 1970. It was created primarily for teaching and research. As the garden matured a visitor centre was built and was opened in 1988 by Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Chancellor of the University at the time, to accomodate the 6000 annual visitors. The garden now attracts over 80,000 visitors annually.

It is set in an Eighteen-acre garden in mature woodland with exotic trees from America and the Himalayas. Prince Bishops’ Garden, tropical house, cactus house with butterflies and insects.

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