31 May 2009

Lyn's 50th Birthday

Birthday Girl

Blowing out candles

Eating of the cake

Mother & Daughter

It was a friends 50th birthday this weekend and we all got together for a lovely meal and a drink to celebrate her 50th year of life. Here's to another 50 years LOL

27 May 2009


Just snapped this Bluetit as it landed in the bush.

24 May 2009

23 May 2009

Day out in Hexham

Childrens steel drum band played in the park

Then the folkband played whilst the crowd danced

Take your partners

Morris Dancers in Traditional Costumes fought with sticks as they dance

Female Morris Dancers

22 May 2009

Poor Ben

Poor Ben got stung by a bee on his nose. He's feeling real sorry for himself and hiding his nose in the blanket.

19 May 2009

17 May 2009

Danielle shots reworked

These were taken last year at Washington Camera Club studio night. I've changed them to mono and softened them in Photoshop. I really like the effect; hope you do.

15 May 2009




Green Finch




13 May 2009

Black & White

These are some images from The River Tyne showing it's buildings, bridges and boats.

10 May 2009

9 May 2009

Royal Derwent Manor Hotel.

This is an picture of a hotel just up the road from where I live.

7 May 2009

More Bird Photos



Reed Bunting




Great Tit

2 May 2009

A walk in the woods

Today my friends decided I should get myself out and about and stop worrying about all the bad stuff going on my life at the moment that's making me ill. We went for a walk in the bluebell wood. The bluebells were just starting to come out and by next week the woods should be carpeted out with bluebells in full bloom. It was really nce to get out and not think for a little while.
All the images were hand held. I didn't take my tripod with me.