30 November 2008

Another cold & frosty day

The last few days have been pretty cold from -3 down to -9 degrees C. Found a nice woodland walk for some photos but forgot my gloves so I wasn't out long as my hands were near to dropping off LOL.

29 November 2008

Cold winters day

A frosty winters morning.

28 November 2008


Winter has arrived.

27 November 2008


Heron taken at a nature reserve near where I live.

heron on the beach

Not a great shot but had to take it anyway. A cold winters day on Bamburgh beach and what do you se but a heron. Couldn't believe my eyes.

26 November 2008

25 November 2008


Well I did call the site 'photo a day' and this is it. LOL sorry guys no decent photos today just this. of my old door in the dining room. It's the original door from when the house was built (Victorian era). It had been coverd with boarding and when i moved in i tore off the boarding to reveal this pine door. Infact all the doors in the house are original. This one was split but i thought it added character to the house.

24 November 2008

St Aidans Church, Bamburgh

St. Aidan's Church is one of the three finest parish churches in Northumberland (others being Alnwick and Norham). Origins date from 635 AD when St. Aidan came to Lindisfarne from Iona. The present building is 13thC, the chancel is said to be the second longest in the country (60ft), and contains magnificent reredos in Caen stone.
Grace Darling's memorial is sited in the churchyard so it can be seen by passing ships. She is one of the most famous inhabitants of Bamburgh. With her father she saved many lives from the wreck of the SS Forfarshire in 1838. She died from Tuberculosis in 1842,at the early age of 26 and lies at peace in the grounds of St Aidan's Church.

23 November 2008

Big is beautiful..... Or is it?

Yes folks i've bared all for my photography. LOL A self portrait. Not for the faint hearted LOL. Taken with just sunlight from the window and the ceiling light. A 12 second timer and run like mad to the bed. A good crop to hide the worst bits of course. LOL
I've been watching a programme on the tv called 'how to look good naked'. The stylist called Gok Whan makes up women who don't like their bodies and gives them a makeover and gives them the confidence to let themselves be shot naked (tastefully ofcourse).

22 November 2008

Mono conversion

Taken at Craster a small fishing village & Dunstanburgh.

21 November 2008

Dunstanburgh Castle

Just going through some old photos i haven't converted. These are Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland.

20 November 2008


Northumberland coast sunrises.

18 November 2008

Autumn leaves

Just a few autumn leaves shot in my light box with a little piece of slate


This is a cormorant I spotted on the riverside. He was drying out his wings after a mornings fishing for eels and fish in the weir.

17 November 2008


More images from yesterday at Durham.

16 November 2008


I had to get out today and take some photos of Durham before all the leaves fell off the trees. I haven't taken many images this month and have missed nearly all the autumn colour. It was a cold cloudy day with a few sunny intervals. It's a nice walk along the riverside, and as always, lots of people having a Sunday afternoon stroll.

13 November 2008

Weather Calendar

My goodness the BBC have used my picture to advertise the BBC Look North weather Calendar. I'm over the moon. Not only is my image the September image but it's on the website as the feature image. Woohoo!


11 November 2008


Haven't had the camera out since friday so here's a couple of candid shots taken in Hexham earlier in the year.

10 November 2008

Mono conversion

Thanks to my fellow blogger Mike for giving me the idea to convert these to mono. I think they work well. What do you think?

9 November 2008

Durham Cathedral at Night

Just a few of Durham Cathedral taken at night. Of course there's always a car got to get in your shot when you take it. LOL I tried again and another car came past. All the students from the University were going out for their night out.

8 November 2008

Durham Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a truly international Art event with the innovative use of light at its heart. This world class festival celebrates the City through the eyes of two very different cultures, with illuminated art installations forming a trail of lights leading through the heart of the City.

The main Enlightenment programme includes four impressive light based Art installations on and under the City's bridges and have been designed by two Indian and two UK based artists. These are, 'Calcutta Lights' by Nandita Palchoudhuri, 'Light of Darkness' by Sanchayan Ghosh, 'Chandelier' by Lulu Quin and 'Illuminated Carpet' by Julie Westerman.

7 November 2008


A misty morning at Studley Royal.

6 November 2008


Just a few snaps I took when I was at Whitby with the sunset I took on my way home.