28 February 2010

HMS Ark Royal

The tug boats guide the Ark Royal safely through the mouth of the Tyne.

The Ark Royal Passes the Groyne lighthouse into the sea.

27 February 2010

My first assignment

Well my first assignment as photographer for the firm I work for was to go to Cirencester and take some photographs of the organ the company had built and installed in the Parish Church. I'm not really used to taking photos inside buildings and I found it quite hard to be honest. But I took loads of different exposures hoping I could make some HDR images with them. Here's are a few of the images I took (not all are HDR's). I have copyrighted them as they belong to the firm. I hope I haven't let my bosses down.

24 February 2010

23 February 2010

22 February 2010

Odd one out

Decided to do a little still life for a change. Weather isn't the best at the moment so I thought I'd better keep my hand in this year and start doing something every day again. I am so out of practice.

21 February 2010

Newtons Cradle

I've been experimenting with my little Newtons Cradle toy. Think I may need to try again LOL

20 February 2010

15 February 2010

12 February 2010

New Job

Hi everyone, just thought i'd let you all know that I finally have a new job. I am working as an Admin Assistant for an organ builders company. The company have been in business 149 years and employs 50 people. They have built & restored organs for places such as Westminster Abbey, Durham Cathedral, The Royal Festival Hall in London , Paisley Abbey & Salisbury Cathedral to name but a few. It's a great job and i'm loving it so much, the people are lovely & part of my job is I get to take photographs of the work being carried out and upload it to their website (what more could you ask for doing a hobby as part of your work). I also get to design their adverts to go into the church and organ magazines. I've already designed 4 and have loads left to do. It's a dream job and my boss Naomi is so lovely. She is Japanese, is so mild mannered and always complimentary. It's just so nice to work for someone who has respect for other people (unlike my last employer who was a tyrant and had no respect for anyone). I can imagine even if she were to reprimand you she would do it with fairness. Her husband is the Managing Director and he too is a really nice person.

Anyway sorry there's no photos these past few days only the weather hasn't been too good and I have had the flu also. Maybe this weekend i'll get out and about. Thankyou all for visiting my blog these past few years, I hope you'll stop by now and again for updates.

1 February 2010

Far Pastures

Far Pastures pond was totally frozen over. No sign of any wading birds.

Poor little ducks had no pond to go on so had to make do with the excess water on the field nearby.

Saw this Kestrel in the trees but couldn't get close enough with my lens to get a good shot.