27 April 2008

More Goth Pics

Still nursing my aching back today after yesterday trip down the steps of the Abbey. Thank goodness I had hold of the handrail or it could've been really nasty.


Susanne49 said...

Beautiful, beautiful. You have a great eye too, Carol...btw.: Thank you Carol for that nice compliment on my blog about having a great eye.

I do photography now since more than 35 years. I had a great teacher in the school of art, design and photography, he thought us to see the smallest details around in a circle of 20 meter and to make a photo story with max. 7 pictures out of that we have seen. That's a great tactic (method) to school your eyes.:-)

Carole said...

That's a brilliant idea Sue. I might make a suggestion for that at my camera club.
Wow 35 years. That's a pro level. I've only been at it seriously for over a year now and so to have a compliment from someone like yourself is an honour. Thank you Sue :-0