31 October 2008

Autumn walks

Autumn is a most colourful season don't you think.

30 October 2008


Sorry all of you who have been faithful to my blog, I just haven't had the time lately to take photos every day. But I have a few days off this week coming and so am hoping to get out and about with my camera.
These photos were taken last year when I went to London.

28 October 2008


A taste of autumn.

27 October 2008

Wind Turbines

Not the prettiest of subjects but they do fascinate me somewhat. I am going to have to buy some grad filters to help me slow the shutter speed down so I can get the motion blur. I have caught a little in the 2nd one but not what I would like.

26 October 2008


Another dull gloomy day but still had to take this before the leaves have all be blown off the trees (it's been very windy up to 90MPH winds here in some places).

25 October 2008


The sunrise this morning was so beautiful. It started with such a beautiful red colour lighting all the clouds. As the time went by and the sun got higher the sky began to turn into this golden glow. The start of the sunrise I went to take the first 2 photos by some giant statues (called "the Old Transformers") and a signpost on the cyclepath near my home .
I then hopped in the car and went futher along the countryside to a golfclub where I took the image of the sun next to the golf club building.

23 October 2008

Creative Block

I think i'm having a bit of a creative block at the moment. Since my outing to Pickering I haven't really had the camera out and now I just haven't got any inspiration. Of course the weather doesn't help either, it's been pretty miserable and windy.
I've been wanting to take pictures of autumn, but because I work long hours during the week it means I dont have much light left to take any landscapes when I get home. Then last weekends weather wasn't very good either. Anyway I got my camera out tonight and decided I would try my hand at still life again. I got a few rocks from the garden and a leaf and took these. Not what you would call very creative but it's made me get my camera out again. I just needed that push I think. Hopefully Saturday will bring a better and a more creative day.

22 October 2008


Sorry to everyone who visits my blog but i've been very busy with home and work this week and haven't picked up my camera. Hopefully this weekend will be better and i'll get out with it. please come back soon.


17 October 2008

Sunrise at Work

I had to take this this morning with a borrowed camera from work. I start work at 7am and the sun hadn't risen when I got to work but not long after the sky had changed to this fabulous red and I couldn't resist taking these images. I work on an industrial estate and there's nowhere really to take good pictures so i just took these outside the door.

15 October 2008

Wartime Beauties

Here's a few images of some very glamerous lasies that were kind enough to pose for their photograph taken.

14 October 2008

The Air Raid

The siren sounds and people make their way to the air raid shelter
Ducking for cover, the enemy planes approach.

The building has been hit and is on fire.

There is wounded and a fire to put out.

Taking the wounded to safety
A woman found trapped is carried to safety as the fire is fought by the Home Guard

Safe at last, the "All Clear" sounded. People emerge from the shelter

13 October 2008

The parade

We start with the great British "Bobby" (or the proper term Policeman) calming the crowds before the parade. The parade began with Pipers followed by marching troups then civilian & army vehicles.

12 October 2008

Wartime Britain

I had a great time yesterday at Pickering, such a laugh. The next couple of days i'll be showing you images from the show they put on and the parade of old cars and army vehicles. I really enjoyed capturing people too. Something that I haven't reallt tried that much but think it maybe something I should try more.

11 October 2008

World War 2 Weekend, Pickering

I had a great day out at Pickering today. It was their annual "World War 2 Weekend". Everyone was dressed up in period costume and there was a parade of cars and army vehicles as well as stalls and a reenactment of what happened in the Blitz. Great fun was had by all watching. Here are 2 images of beautiful ladies dressed up as civilian and army ladies. More images to follow tomorrow.

10 October 2008


Still trawling through my Scotland images. This is another of Rannoch Moor early morning, just after sunrise.
Just found out that another image this time of Durham Riverside (see Oct image) is on the BBC weather gallery. Link below

9 October 2008

South Shields

South Shields evening

Sunset at The Quayside

This is a video clip of a programme i'm watching on tv at the moment. They call it Big Cat Live and they are filming in Masai Mara, Kenya. I'd love to do a job like that, taking photos of the wildlife there.

7 October 2008


I've never had my camera out since Sunday. Anyway here's another photo from Scotland. I keep going back to them and processing more (there was so many LOL). This was taken at a little inlet in North Ballachulish.

6 October 2008

Corn on the cob

Taken with a compact camera.

5 October 2008

Durham Riverside

It was a beautiful day today so I decided to take a walk along Durham riveside. The view is of the Cathedral. The river was running pretty fast because of all the rain we've had just lately.

4 October 2008

As winter draws near

It's been really cold these last few days that it reminded me of winter. we even had a shower of snow for a few minutes where I live yesterday.
I haven't taken one photo this week unfortunately because i've been busy with other things and the weather hasn't beengreat either. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Until then I leave you with the above image taken this March.

2 October 2008

I've won a competition

I just received an email from the BBC telling me my image had won the September weather image competition and would be included in the BBC Look North weather 2009 calendar. I am so so happy. Here's the link.