19 April 2008


I had a lovely day out today up the Northumberland coast, stopping at Newbiggin. Last time I was there the heavens opened, but today it was a glorious sunny day. Walking around the promenade I spotted the two life-sized figures of 'The Couple' statues that are in the middle of the sea. Newbiggin is a lovely little town and well worth a visit.


Susanne49 said...

Nice photos, Carol. May I ask you how you did this frames around your pictures in Blogger?

Carole said...

Thanks for your comments Sue Certainly you may ask. I used photoshop CS3. I sized my images down to 72 dpi then went into image>canvas size and made the first black 2mm both height & width then click ok/ same again but white 2mm click ok/ then 2cm black to finish off. If you haven't got cs3 then i'm not sure how to do it.
Hope this helps Sue