29 November 2010


Well it's arrived early this year.... snow. It's snowing like hell out here again. We've had about 6" so far and it still goes on. Some parts of the country (Scotland) have had more... some none at all (southern parts). It's not fair why do I have to live in the worst part. It oh so lovely to look at but having to get to work is a pain. Street roads are atrocious, main roads aren't much better...... You think we would be used to it by now. I fell down yesterday and hurt my Coccyx. Hurts quite a bit. Rang in work and asked to book 2 holidays this week and said i'd fallen. Why do I think they don't believe me. Ahh well never mind.

27 November 2010

Busy busy busy

Sorry guys no photos for a while as i'm really rather busy and haven't had time. The snow is back with us already. Will take a photo tomorrow and post it. In the meantime here's a link to a freebie you may want to take up.