29 April 2009





I've been going through my hard drive seeing what images i haven't processed and shown yet. Here are some more images of birds taken at Far Pastures and Thornley Bird hides.

27 April 2009

26 April 2009

Beamish Museum


Brewery van

The Bank Clerk

Girl using a carpet beater

Baking bread

The shop keeper

Taken on a trip to Beamish Museum 2007 when I got my first SLR camera. I've tried using some different treatments on these as they were a little blurry/noisy on the inside shots.

Hopefully I'll get back this year and this time with more experience under my belt and a tripod, I may get some less blurry and noisy shots LOL.

24 April 2009

Here's looking at you!

Taken in the Durham Botanical gardens last year.

23 April 2009


Spring Blossom

22 April 2009


Some flowers given to me by a friend as a get well soon gesture.

21 April 2009


Greenfinch (not a very good shot)


Wood Pigeon



Just a few bird shots.

I have to apologise for uploading so many old shots lately. One day I will get back out with my camera properly and when I do I will let you all know the reasons why I have not been taking many photographs as of late.

All will be revealed one day.. LOL

Thankyou all for being so loyal to my blog.

20 April 2009

A piece of art

My attempt at making a piece of art with a photo I took last year and a texture I created in photoshop.

16 April 2009

14 April 2009

With & without

I'm sorry for being a bore with my experimentation of textures. But here's an image before treatment and then after. I like the textures (I made this one myself) and like both images too.

13 April 2009

The Roman Wall

Remains of a Roman Wall in Northumberland.

12 April 2009


This was a grab shot out the car window on my way home from spending Easter Sunday with friends.

8 April 2009


I've turned one of my lighthouse pictures into some digital art.

5 April 2009

Spring Flowers

Beautiful spring garden flowers are in bloom.

4 April 2009


It's lovely to see the blooms of spring once more.

3 April 2009


This is a flower from my windowsill and I've added a textured overlay to it.

2 April 2009