31 October 2009

30 October 2009

29 October 2009

23 October 2009

The Saga continues

Just to let you all know the saga still continues in the work front, still loose ends to tie up in old job front and no new job, cannot say why on here yet. So i'm really feeling rather down and upset at all that's happening. I thought life wouldn't get any worse but there you go. Well at least I'm alive and managing to keep my head above water.

20 October 2009

Denese and Tyler

It was nice seeing Denese again, it's been so many years. I can remember her when she was a child, now she's got a child of her own.

17 October 2009

16 October 2009


Faith was such a lovely child to work with. She had a permanent grin on her face and loved her photo taken. It was very hard though trying to get her to be serious LOL. Thankyou to Faith for being such a little star on a cold damp autumn morning & Debbie her Mum for letting me photograph Faith.
I've been trying out some cation I dowloaded from Pioneer Woman website. Jeannette Verster, a fellow blogger, uses the actions for her phoitographs and i've always loved her work so I thought I would try them. I think though I need to learn how to use them better as they aren't a patch on Jeannette's work

13 October 2009

Things are looking up

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but i've been very busy getting things sorted for my new job.

Anyway I have some more good news. I uploaded some images a while ago to a stock photo site and I have actually sold one. It hasn't made me rich but it's boosted my morale. LOL

Here is the image.

5 October 2009

4 October 2009

Fake Flower Art



As you can see i first had a little work to do cloning and altering the lels etc. It was a quick shot not really planned. Then I played about with some textures and overlays. These are from the Flora Bella Collection (website seen on my links). I used "Bombay" at 29% (overlay blending mode),"Ginger" at 11% (linear burn), "Ginger" again but at 21% (screen), "Milk & Honey" 15% (screen) and "Tea stained " at 29% (overlay). The frame is from Coffeeshop Vintage clipping frame mask ontop of a texture loaned from a friend.

2 October 2009


Hannah's 16th birthday. She's still as cheeky as she was at 2 years old.


Neither Hannah nor Kim wanted their photo taken so I had to just click when they weren't looking (they're not great shots but hey it was a good night). Typical teenagers covering their faces cos they have a spot LOL Hannah just pulled faces at me all night so I never got a good picture of her.