21 April 2008

Creswell & Druridge Bay

Miles & miles of unspoilt coastline. Peace & tranquility. I love the coast. It helps me relax, think pleaseant thoughts of years gone by. My ideal place to live. Maybe when I retire I can move somewhere like this.
Druridge Bay Country Park includes three miles of beautiful beach and sand dunes, plus a large lake surrounded by woods and meadows.
Cresswell parish is located on the Northumberland coast just south of the wide sweep of Druridge Bay. The parish contains archaeological remains stretching back over 6000 years, although most visible to anyone passing through the parish is the medieval tower on the edge of a caravan park.


Susanne49 said...

Beautiful, just beautiful, Carol!

The colors are great and the dunes and the sand, the coastlines, everything so harmonic. Great shots!

Are there a lot of people in summer time at the shores?

Carole said...

Thanks Sue for your comment.

Well these parts of the coastline aren't as popular as the touristy areas hence the unspoilt nature. They do get a few more people in summertime but the more touristy places get the bulk of people. The Northumberland coast is beautiful Sue, one of my favourite places ever. It has miles upon miles of gorgeous sandy beaches that you can sit down and take in the beauty without having hundreds of people around you.