30 September 2009

It's a Happy Day

I'm fit to burst and have the biggest smile possible on my face. I had some great news today but, sorry cannot tell you all yet. Saturday all will be revealed. LOL

29 September 2009

28 September 2009

Little girl

Taken on South Shields beach Saturday. Her mum said it was ok for me to take one of her as she walked by.

27 September 2009

Watching the photographers

While sitting down enjoying the sun, I spotted these photographers taking photos of this girl dressed up in a wedding dress. I knew they weren't newly weds as the guy with her was taking photos and then took his jacket off and played the groom. They weren't very happy about people taking photos and kept on moving when they saw someone with a camera trying to take a photo, so I stayed put and took one from where I was sitting.

26 September 2009

A day out

When we arrived at South Shields the sailing club were out on the beach getting ready to sail.

In and out of the harbour sailed the cargo ships whilst the tiny sailing boats sailed nearby but out of the way.

A fishing boat with it's hawl came into the mouth of the Tyne followed by hungry seagulls.

View from South Shields pier showing Tynemouth Priory ruins in the distance.

19 September 2009


You can just see the mist and cloud rolling in.

Not a very nice day but all the same we had a good afternoon out in Teesdale.

18 September 2009

Low Force, Teesdale

Over the rocky suspension bridge to the beautiful Low Force waterfalls in Teesdale. Shame it hadn't been a nicer day but I intend to return on a blue sky beautiful sunny day in the autumn with the golden leaves on the trees.

13 September 2009

The Tour of Britain Cycle Race

Stage Two - Darlington to Gateshead Millenium Bridge
These first few photos were taken at a small village called Burnopfield where the cycle race was coming through.

The next photos are of the winner Kai Reus just coming through the finish line at Gateshead, Tyne & Wear and of him collecting the award.

12 September 2009

Bamburgh & Beadnel

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle after the sunset

Beadnel Harbour

8 September 2009


Currently, single people in the UK are discouraged from taking jobs involving less than 30 hours per week, due to no Working Tax Credits being payable below 30 hours.

Working Tax Credits should be available to anyone who chooses to work (no matter how many hours), in preference to living on Jobseekers allowance of £64.30 pw.

If the Government wants to see less people on benefits then why don't they encourage more people to take lower paid /less hours work and upgrade their wages with WTC like those who are married with dependant children. I feel like this is discrimination.

It's funny how alcoholics and drug abusers get more money because of their habit (so I am led to believe) yet single people who want to work but can't work full time maybe because of their age or health reasons get penalised. They are forced to work over 30 hours to get tax credits or they are forced to stay on benefits til they are kicked off.

Below is a link to a petition to Parliament asking the government to change their policy. Anyone who reads this and wishes to sign please do so.

Sign here

Thank you.

7 September 2009

6 September 2009

Pamper Yourself

Another still life. Can't you tell i'm bored LOL.

5 September 2009


Thought i'd try some still life as the weather has been wild wind and rain. My car has had to go into the garage to get fixed. It may be the gear box or clutch, not sure. The garage had to tow it away for me but they wont be able to look at it as they are fully booked with MOT tests til next Tuesday. I never knew how much I relied on my car til yesterday when it broke down. Ah well looks like bus rides till Tuesday.