20 April 2008


Bothal is a village in Notrthumberland. It is situated between Morpeth and Ashington. There is a castle, a church, a vicarage opposite the church gates, some stepping stones over the River Wansbeck, a few houses and that's about it really. But I have to say it a nice quiet place and worth a look around. I'm going back in early summer to see it in bloom with summer flowers.


Susanne49 said...

I love these photos Carol!

They represent for me so much that typical English country look, with all that green, the wonderful churches and the castles of course.

Thanks for sharing.

Carole said...

You're welcome Sue. Things we take for granted over here, we forget some people in other countries don't have castle and the like.
It is just a shame that our country didn't get better weather and was a bit cheaper to visit then maybe we would have more people come to our country.