31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing all my blogger friends a Happy and Prosperous New year. Cheers to one and all!

More snow today. when will it end (sigh).

26 December 2009

Husband & Wife

Christmas Day and the wine was flowing. My friends Ann & Frankie hate their photo taken so I was lucky to get these shots. Ann was pretending to pose like a model (you can tell she had a drink or two LOL). We had a great day at their daughter Nicola's house. Unfortunately Nicola and Stephen were slaving over the dinner and I didn't get a shot of them; after that I had to put the camera away as I was a little worse for wear as I'm not that used to drinking. LOL

23 December 2009

CBS Amateur Dramatics Society

Another lady from the CBS photoshoot

22 December 2009

Fingers Crossed

I've just been asked to go in for a job interview in January. The job is in Durham and it really sounds very interesting. Can't say more at present but keep your fingers crossed for me and say a few prayers. Here's hoping 2010 will bring me a job and a better year than this year.

21 December 2009

Happy Christmas

I want to wish all my fellow blogger friends a Very Happy Christmas and may 2010 be a good and prosperous year to you all.

20 December 2009


Took this image this afternoon in a field at Castleside.

It's freezing cold

Never seen icicles like this for a long time.

Another fall of snow last night. The poor garden ornament all laden with snow.

19 December 2009

Red-heads are beautiful don't you think?

Our camera club was asked to take some photos of the CBS Amateur Dramatics Society. Thanks to Bob & Chris we made the best out of an awkward situation as Ian and George who were bringing the lights couldn't make it and so we had to make do with inside lighting.
This is one I took and have added some textures to it and used a vintage action.

Notice she has the same red hair as myself. I remember myself at her age with beautiful natural red hair, long and curly too. Ahh those were the days. Now it needs quite a lot of dye to keep it looking as good and gone are those permed curls too LOL

18 December 2009

House Visitors

Some sparrows visiting my little bird house this morning. Quality isn't very good as they were shot through my kitchen window.

17 December 2009

The snow has arrived

(photo taken out my front door down the street)

Well the snow has finally arrived. More forecast for tomorrow.

10 December 2009

9 December 2009

7 December 2009

2 December 2009

This is a video of some scanned images from old post cards etc of my home town and nearby villages. Hope you like it.
I was thinking of going round these places and taking the 'now' images to show the changes. Hmmm maybe a project for me to do.

1 December 2009


Just sold this print of the quayside on Redbubble. Woohoo! My first sale on there:-)