11 December 2008


These are photos taken last week when it snowed. My friend Helen and myself took these from inside the car on our way to work. What should've taken 25 minutes to get to work took us 2 1/4 hours. The traffic was horrendous. I've driven in worse conditions but I think what is happening now is that younger drivers that aren't used to the snow are having problems driving in it cos they don't know what to do. Hence people being stuck, skidding, accidents etc. These photos were taken with a camera phone


Double "D" said...

You be careful driving in the snow.
I'm from Michigan in the U.S. During
the winter it snows almost everyday.
Your photo's remind me of snowy
drives at night. I don't know why I've lived here
so long. People from the north turn into what
we call snow birds. They head south in the winter.
All the best on slippery roads.

Mike de Moree said...

Hi Carol, it reminds me of Winter driving here in Northern Ontario. You get used to it and actually I have to say I enjoy most of the season. After January it gets a bit tedious and you just long for Spring to come.The pictures have the right atmosphere for me.

Susanne49 said...

It reminds me too to my "driving home" in winter time in Switzerland, it took me almost 2 hours for a ride normally of 30 Minutes... and today I wish to see snow again, after living so many years in the South.:)

Great shots Carol!

We are now busy pretty much in the coming days with our upcoming travel plans, so sorry that I was not visiting so often and maybe not will be more in the future.

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