10 December 2008

Back to front

Thanks to Danielle for posing for this photoshoot at the camera club.


Double "D" said...

Carol, your creativity is flowing.
You are oh so versatile. You're
always thinking and unafraid to try
something new.

My recent comment was not meant to
be critical, I just wanted you to not
forget what a great photographer you are.
There is nothing wrong with using all
the tools available to you.

Carole said...

Thank you double d. Don't worry no offence was taken at all it was very flattering of you. The run up to Christmas and the work load at work is making it hard at the moment to pick up my camera every day so I try to look at old photos and see what i can do to add to my blog. The model shots were from earlier this year. The bird shots were from Saturday morning though.

Susanne49 said...

Double D is right, Carol!!! You are a big talent and you can photograph anything, any subject!