12 December 2008

Port of Tyne

Last night was my presentation as runner up in the Port of Tyne photo competition. I nearly didn't go because my nerves have been playing up due to going through a lot of stress at work lately (that's another story I really can't talk about though). However my friend told me not to let it get me down and had surprised me by paying for a taxi for us so I didn't have to drive in Newcastle (she knows how nervous I get driving in the city).
It was a nice night, there was free food and drink flowing all night. I got my photo taken accepting the prize (£50 voucher to spend in a Jessops camera shop) and a group photo was taken of all the winners and runners up to be put in the local newspaper. If i see it in the newspaper i'll scan it in and post it.


Double "D" said...

Carol, Congratulations, that's pretty cool.

Susanne49 said...

Heya Girl, congratulations! Looking forward to see it, of course:) and don't let you get down from trouble at work - a change is always a great chance for better days!

We are now busy pretty much in the coming days with our upcoming travel plans, so sorry that I was not visiting so often and maybe not will be around so often in the future too.

Sue's Daily Photography

Carole said...

Good luck Sue with the move. Hope all goes well. when is it again? I have a terrible memory.. LOL

ILuvNUFC said...

Congratulations :)