9 December 2008


Thanks to my fellow blogger Mike I was pointed to a website called Planet Photoshop (thankyou Mike for that). I found it very interesting and followed this design video. I like the effect, hope you all do.


Susanne49 said...

Yes we do...we do, Carol! Very nice effect over the portrait. And the portrait is beautiful!

Double "D" said...

It's very nice using the tricks
of photoshop. I just don't want you to
forget that you are a wonderful
photographer without any tricks.
The use of filters and tools are great if
you're trying to create something specific for
and ad or a fashion magazine. Just remember,
you need a very good photo to start this process.
I know, sounds like an old art director.

Carole said...

Thanks Sue and Double d.

Double D, I was just trying out this new site and some tutorials and thought i'd share what i'd done. And thankyou for that lovely comment about my photography. I'm flattered.