27 February 2010

My first assignment

Well my first assignment as photographer for the firm I work for was to go to Cirencester and take some photographs of the organ the company had built and installed in the Parish Church. I'm not really used to taking photos inside buildings and I found it quite hard to be honest. But I took loads of different exposures hoping I could make some HDR images with them. Here's are a few of the images I took (not all are HDR's). I have copyrighted them as they belong to the firm. I hope I haven't let my bosses down.


Double "D" said...

hi carole,
given the size and scale of the church and the
organ, these are incredible. looks like you used a large format camera with at least 5 large soft boxes for lighting. you've not let your bosses down in fact
they are getting an unbelievable bargain. these 6 shots would be at least $6,000 plus travel and shooting on location. they should renew your contract now and double your salary.
now correct your profile and stop saying you haven't been in photography long and start using the term professional photographer..

i'm so very proud to see you advance as you have.
your the best red.

Susanne49 said...

Haven't you got a feedback from your boss now? You did a great job, Carol! Do you have used lighting boxed? The light is beautiful and your work is excellent. You can be proud to the results!

Congratulations to your first real photo job!