12 February 2010

New Job

Hi everyone, just thought i'd let you all know that I finally have a new job. I am working as an Admin Assistant for an organ builders company. The company have been in business 149 years and employs 50 people. They have built & restored organs for places such as Westminster Abbey, Durham Cathedral, The Royal Festival Hall in London , Paisley Abbey & Salisbury Cathedral to name but a few. It's a great job and i'm loving it so much, the people are lovely & part of my job is I get to take photographs of the work being carried out and upload it to their website (what more could you ask for doing a hobby as part of your work). I also get to design their adverts to go into the church and organ magazines. I've already designed 4 and have loads left to do. It's a dream job and my boss Naomi is so lovely. She is Japanese, is so mild mannered and always complimentary. It's just so nice to work for someone who has respect for other people (unlike my last employer who was a tyrant and had no respect for anyone). I can imagine even if she were to reprimand you she would do it with fairness. Her husband is the Managing Director and he too is a really nice person.

Anyway sorry there's no photos these past few days only the weather hasn't been too good and I have had the flu also. Maybe this weekend i'll get out and about. Thankyou all for visiting my blog these past few years, I hope you'll stop by now and again for updates.


Evil Pixie said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic news!

Dominique said...

It seems a very good job. Congratulations.

Mike de Moree said...

Congratulations Carole with your new job. It sounds like a almost dream job wher you can use your strong talent in photography and design.

Susanne49 said...

Great news Carol!!! Congrats to your new job, your new dream job! Wow...really, what can you wish more! I'm so happy for you, girl!:)

Sometimes the good things take longer time to get to you, but now they are here! Enjoy your new activities and creativity!