19 December 2009

Red-heads are beautiful don't you think?

Our camera club was asked to take some photos of the CBS Amateur Dramatics Society. Thanks to Bob & Chris we made the best out of an awkward situation as Ian and George who were bringing the lights couldn't make it and so we had to make do with inside lighting.
This is one I took and have added some textures to it and used a vintage action.

Notice she has the same red hair as myself. I remember myself at her age with beautiful natural red hair, long and curly too. Ahh those were the days. Now it needs quite a lot of dye to keep it looking as good and gone are those permed curls too LOL


Susanne49 said...

You did a good job, Carol. And, she has beautiful red hair and a pretty face! :)

Looking forward to the next results with her!

Anonymous said...

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