26 December 2009

Husband & Wife

Christmas Day and the wine was flowing. My friends Ann & Frankie hate their photo taken so I was lucky to get these shots. Ann was pretending to pose like a model (you can tell she had a drink or two LOL). We had a great day at their daughter Nicola's house. Unfortunately Nicola and Stephen were slaving over the dinner and I didn't get a shot of them; after that I had to put the camera away as I was a little worse for wear as I'm not that used to drinking. LOL

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Susanne49 said...

Yep, this is nr. 1 rule for a photographer: never drink when you are working. I'm very strict in that and often I forget even to have a glass of water...LOL...special in weddings. No time for that... it's a great job to lose calories to :)

Happy New Year, Carol! All your dreams shall come true and you'll get a great job! I'm now a palm reader too... LOL..

All the best for you!