4 October 2009

Fake Flower Art



As you can see i first had a little work to do cloning and altering the lels etc. It was a quick shot not really planned. Then I played about with some textures and overlays. These are from the Flora Bella Collection (website seen on my links). I used "Bombay" at 29% (overlay blending mode),"Ginger" at 11% (linear burn), "Ginger" again but at 21% (screen), "Milk & Honey" 15% (screen) and "Tea stained " at 29% (overlay). The frame is from Coffeeshop Vintage clipping frame mask ontop of a texture loaned from a friend.


Mike de Moree said...

Hi Carole, I am happy to see that you are still very optimistic. One door closes and another will open for you. Working at a place you are not enjoying anymore is definitely no fun and I am certain you will be much happier now. I will be looking forward to your photographs so keep smiling.

Dominique said...

Nice work.