16 October 2009


Faith was such a lovely child to work with. She had a permanent grin on her face and loved her photo taken. It was very hard though trying to get her to be serious LOL. Thankyou to Faith for being such a little star on a cold damp autumn morning & Debbie her Mum for letting me photograph Faith.
I've been trying out some cation I dowloaded from Pioneer Woman website. Jeannette Verster, a fellow blogger, uses the actions for her phoitographs and i've always loved her work so I thought I would try them. I think though I need to learn how to use them better as they aren't a patch on Jeannette's work


Evil Pixie said...

What a cutie! The top photograph - the close-up of her face - is wonderful. She has a lovely smile.

Mike de Moree said...

Wonderful series of portraits Carole.

PhotoHand said...

These are terrific portraits!