21 April 2009


Greenfinch (not a very good shot)


Wood Pigeon



Just a few bird shots.

I have to apologise for uploading so many old shots lately. One day I will get back out with my camera properly and when I do I will let you all know the reasons why I have not been taking many photographs as of late.

All will be revealed one day.. LOL

Thankyou all for being so loyal to my blog.


Susanne49 said...

I love your little birdy's!! That's something I don't photograph to often myself, but I love birds. As a kid we had a parrot at home who could talk - that was fun! :)

Get well soon, Carol and don't rush about doing photographs, we love also your "old" pictures. :)


Carole said...

Thanks again Susanne. That's very kind of you. I love taking birds only they are very quick to catch and have a lot of blurry ones to sort through when i take them LOL But i find it relaxing being out with natures beauties.