26 April 2009

Beamish Museum


Brewery van

The Bank Clerk

Girl using a carpet beater

Baking bread

The shop keeper

Taken on a trip to Beamish Museum 2007 when I got my first SLR camera. I've tried using some different treatments on these as they were a little blurry/noisy on the inside shots.

Hopefully I'll get back this year and this time with more experience under my belt and a tripod, I may get some less blurry and noisy shots LOL.


Dominique said...

I know this place. It is very interesting. Nice shots.

Carole said...

Thankyou Dominique. Have you been to Beamish Museum?

Dominique said...

Yes I have been to Beamish Museum about ten years ago.

Carole said...

I think you'l find it has changed quite a bit now Dominique. They have extended it somewhat.

Susanne49 said...

Great shots Carol! Are those people real or wax figures?

Carole said...

Thanks Susanne. They are real people and dress up in period costume and speak & act as if they were in that time.

Rachel said...

I'm interested in buying one of your images - the one of a girl beating a carpet, from Beamish.

This is for a new museum, the Cardiff Story, for an educational activity. Would you be able to give me an idea of cost?
02920 788198

Rachel Carney