19 September 2008

Day 6 - Thursday

Thursday was a visit to Ben Nevis Mountian Range. Now this was an achievement for me as i'm terrified of heights. We went to the top of Ben Nevis in one of those cable cars. At first I must have turned white as we moved off the platform into the air. I was holding onto the back of the seat for dear life. But as it went up I calmed down and felt ok. At the top it just took your breath away. The view was fabulous and well worth the initial horror of the ride up there. A rainbow appeared in the distance and it just looked fantastic (the photo just doesn't do it justice).


Double "D" said...

Carol, wonderful shots.
The rainbow is tremendous but
I have a question, are you always
in the right place at the right time
or are you twins?
So talented.

Dominique said...

Hello Carole.
I discover your holiday’s photos today. They are magnificent, as I expected. If I had a choice to make, I would say that my favourite is "DAWN". Your texts also interested me a lot. I spent a very happy holiday in Scotland about twenty years ago. I hope to return one day. It is an unforgettable place. I went to the island of Skye on a rather rainy day. We visited Talisker distillery which is one of my favourite whiskeys. If I understood well, you are ready to spend your next holiday at Mont Blanc, by waiting for Himalaya !

Carole said...

Double D thanks for your comments and no not always. Apparently rainbows occur very often in Scotland so I was told.

Dominique thankyou for your comments too. The midges were out in force that morning I took the Dawn shot and I have the bites to prove it LOL They really love me. Sorry I dont understand your last comment (embarrassed).

Dominique said...

Is it this part of my comment you don’t understand:” If I understood well, you are ready to spend your next holiday at Mont Blanc, by waiting for Himalaya!” ?

Carole said...

yes Dominique (sorry)

Dominique said...

No matter, my English is approximate. It was a joke (failed). As you had surmounted your fear of the heights, you could face higher mountains: Mont Blanc then Himalaya. Did you understand?

Susanne49 said...

The rainbow photo is the shot of the year, Carol - it's the gold medal or the Oscar! My compliments!

Carole said...

oh Dominique i'm so sorry. I don't think it's your english It is very good, i think it maybe me.. just a bit slow on the uptake.. So sorry.

But now you mention it LOL

Dominique said...

It's perfect, everything is in order now! :-)