17 September 2008

Day 4 - Tuesday

Tuesday saw a day of mixed weather. First cloudy and dull which turned to hazy sunshine later on. My trip today was round Kinlochleven and walking up to Inchree falls later.

Kinlochleven lies at the eastern end of the beautiful sea loch, Loch Leven, seven miles east of Glencoe. To get to Inchree Falls you follow a track for a little under a kilometre until your path goes off to both the left and right. The left path returns straight to the car park; the right climbs uphill amongst the conifers to the falls. This is known as Wade's road after General Wade, the engineer who built the first roads throughout the Highlands in the years after the first failed 1715 Jacobite rebellion, with the aim of bringing the region under closer government control. This particular road was actually built by Wade's successor, General Caulfield. Today it is a pleasant path and climbs into the heart of the forest. Here you see fungi of all descriptions and the falls themselves and views below are spectacular.


Double "D" said...

Carol, so glad you're back from you
holiday. What gorgeous photography
and beautiful scenery. You are blessed
with an eye for perfect scenes.
I'm always amazed at the lighting you
capture, just awesome.
Can't say enough about how much
I like these'

Double "D" said...

I just went and looked at your
Flickr pics, words cannot describe
the beauty you've captured.
Amazing talent.

Carole said...

Thankyou Double d for your wonderful flattering comments. I am my own worst critic i'm afraid and strive for perfection.I sometimes dont see what others do in my work but i am seeing lately and acknowleding that some of my images are good. Does thta sound big-headed as it doesn't mean to be. It's just I get wrong off my friends for putting my work down all the time and they fight to make me see differently. It's working LOL

Susanne49 said...

Yes, you ARE a big talent, Carol! I love your photos, I love the waterfalls and the mushrooms. I bet you went down on your knees to get this shot, right? Very, very nice!

Carole said...

Thankyou Double D and Sue for your very lovely and flattering comments. You make me blush. It's so nice of you both.

Yes Sue I was bending down to take it but i still have a bad back and couldn't quite get down to where I wanted.