2 July 2008

The Seat

This seat is in the grounds of the crematorium for people to sit and remember their loved ones who are gone to a better place. Peaceful & beautiful views.


Dan said...

Carol, what a great picture. I love the lighting, shadows and the variations of grey. They all combine to create a sombre, thoughtful mood which is very appropriate for the location.

Susanne49 said...


I LOVE this picture, it is full of peace, pretty, pretty!

I have a surprise for you on my blog, please go and have a look! :-)

Carole said...

Thnak you Dan and Sue for your comments.

Sue just been and looked at your surprise. My goodness that is so nice what you have said about myself and my blog. I'm flattered that someone so talented and with so many years of experience should say such wonderful things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy visiting your blog so much. Your photography is inspirational and your husbands talent for art is wonderful. Thank you

Jenty said...

Wow, what a beautiful shot!
I found your blog through Sue's

Carole said...

Thank you Jenty for visiting my blog. I hope you will return soon