3 July 2008

The “Arte y Pico” award was created and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing and/or artwork in all Medias. When you receive this award it is considered a “special honor”. Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others.

Today I was given this award from a fellow blogger that has become a good friend. I want to thank Sue for her support and loyalty to my blog. She has visited it every day and has given me the support and advice needed for someone like myself just starting in the world of photography. Thankyou Sue (visit her site and enjoy a feast of beautiul images taken by her and artwork from her very talented husband http://sues-daily-photos.blogspot.com/ ).

1st Award must go to Anna. She is a friend from the Washington Camera club I go to on a Friday night. Her work is an inspiration and her talents are boundless. Her still life work especially, gave me the inspiration to try it out myself. She definitely has the eye for photography and is a very talented photographer. She has won many magazine competitions in the very short time she has been doing photography. Please visit her site http://ab-photoaday2007.blogspot.com/

2nd Award to Andre who has been a regular viewer of my blog. Please visit his blog for a mixture of wildlife, nature and general photography http://andrelemay.blogspot.com/

3rd Award to the blog Photographs of Newcastle where you will find many images of the region of the UK where I live. http://newcastlephotos.blogspot.com/

4th Award to Gale Rainwater who has been an inspiration. Her landscapes are out of this world and take your breath away. Please visit her site http://galerainwater.com/blog/

5th Award goes to the site Black Holes and Astro Stuff. If you are intersted in astronomy you'll love this site but even if you aren't, take a peek anyway as there are some amazing photographs. http://blackholesandastrostuff.blogspot.com/

Thankyou to all those people not mentioned here that have been regular visitors to my site and have been an inspiration. Their sites are linked on my page, please take a look.


Bob Johnson said...

Wow, thanks a lot Carole, love that you thought of me, I'll have to check out these other sites, cool, thanks again!!

Carole said...

your welcome Bob, you've got a great site and have been a welcomed guest on mine. Thank you!

André Lemay said...

Thank You very much Carole, and congratulations to you. I never expected to get any kind of award for my blog, I am honoured. I certainly will pass this award to 5 others within the next few days, which is too few; But I have to do it in French and English; and, if I could pass it back to you, I would; but you would have to find 5 more. Thanks again. Keep Blogging.