19 June 2008

Snods Edge

As promised More images from Snods Edge. I've tried my hand at tonemapping again with these. Not quite sure about them. The weather at present hasn't been the best on two consecutive Monday nights when we've had our camera club outing. I've really struggled to get good shots with the lighting being so bad. I think it maybe my inexperience showing as others from the group have taken really good ones but they also have been into phtography a lot longer than myself.
I sometimes feel very inadequate and hate asking for help for I feel i'm forever asking. It's not that I can't take it in it's just i've got so so much to learn I need all the help i can get. Ron, one of the members, says I take good images and have an eye for a photograph, whereas he says he hasn't got an eye (i disagree) and struggles sometimes. However he has the technical ability and knowhow. Unfortunately I have not.


Susanne49 said...

Carol, women are much more intuitive photographers than men. They love the technics and to use it and to talk about (show off!). We women see the little details in life and in subjects, like you do in your pictures.

And don't mind to ask, ask, ask...they will love to help and to tell you everything. :-)

Nice shots again!

Carole said...

LOL yes that's true with most. Some however hate letting you know. I have to say though the club I go out with from Consett are really ok, they're lovely.