19 June 2008


I had a very pleasant walk out tonight along the cycle path near Castleside. We came up to a farm where there was a pond and I couldn't believe what I was seeing..... black swans.... Didn't know we had them up our neck of the woods. I couldn't get nearer as I would've been trespassing on the farmers land so these were the best shots I could get with my small 50mm lens.

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England's mountains green?

And was the holy Lamb of God

On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here

Among these dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold;

Bring me my arrows of desire;

Bring me my spear; O clouds, unfold!

Bring me my chariot of fire!

I will not cease from mental fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England's green and pleasant land.

(Jerusalem by William Blake)


Susanne49 said...

Very nice series of photos! I loved the poem too.

Carole said...

Thanks Sue. The 'poem' is really a song called Jerusalem by William Blake. A very popular song in the UK.

Bob Johnson said...

I know the song, and love the pics and the Black Swans.