9 June 2008

Consett Camera Club Jaunt no.4

Our Camera Club jaunt tonight was at a small rural village called Muggleswick. The village is spread over a few miles with only a few houses. Of course, as always, the weather was beautiful all day when we were at work (21°C) but when we all met up the sun went in and dark clouds started to form. Just typical when we meet up isn't it LOL.
Anyway after photographing an old ruined 13th Century priory (just a wall was left unfortunately), and the Parish Church, we went up to Caroline's house for coffee (one of our members who owns a farm in Muggleswick). When we got there the guys saw this old ruined shed and got all excited. You see they love anthing like that which has loads of textures and rust. So they all started photographing the shed. I decided to give it a go too. Here are some of my shots.
  • Aperture - F/4
  • Exposure - 1/40 sec
  • ISO 400
  • Focal Length 21mm
  • Aperture - F/5
  • Exposure - 1/80 sec
  • ISO 100
  • Focal Length 37mm
  • Aperture - F/4.1
  • Exposure - 1/50 sec
  • ISO 400
  • Focal Length 25mm


André Lemay said...

Old building will never go out of style in photography. Great pictures.

Carol said...

i always know that when i come over to take a looksee at your blog Carole that i'm going to like what i see.... really, really nice...

the 1st one is my fav.... with all that oldness and texture... :) and rust too...

super photos, as always... i enjoyed

Susanne49 said...

Nice set, Carol! I love them all.