2 March 2008

Mother's Day

Dedicated to my Mum who passed away in 1975

Mum, I miss you so very much
On every Mother’s Day;
And not just then, but every minute,
Since you went away.

You were the center of my life
Before your soul passed on;
It’s sometimes hard for me to believe
That you are really gone.

But I celebrate the life you lived
And all the things you gave me;
My wonderful memories, Mum, of you
Are the things that will comfort and save me.

Please think of me, as I think of you
With heart so full of love;
I'm looking up at you, sweet Mum,
As you look at me from above.

(By Joanna Fuchs)


AB said...

Absolutely beautiful. The words, the photo, the sentiment - a complete package.

Your mum must be so proud of you :)

Carole said...

Thanks Anna. I do miss my Mum even though it's been 33years I still think of her fondly. The memories of 17 years I had with her are treasures I hold on to dearly.

photowannabe said...

Lovely tribute and still life of the rose. I just looked at your posts and think you have a real eye. Great work there.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Its most appreciated. Come again anytime.
Even though I just have a simple point and shoot I do love to take pictures too.

Travis said...

What a great photo, but what great words. I am fortunate to still have both parents. You have such a great eye. I really enjoy your blog.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Mums are so important.
I miss mine too.
She's been gone since 1980 but every time I see or hear something that I know whould interest her, I want to tell her... but...

I was just browsing your blog and saw the pic of the tame robin. When I was a child in Devon, there was a one-legged robin that visited every spring, and actually came into the house looking for food. He must have visited 2 or 3 years before he disappeared.

Bob Johnson said...

Beautiful image and tribute.