3 March 2008

Left on the shelf

Poor Pineapple left on the shelf because no-one wanted it all bruised. I know it's not the best of specimens, but I couldn't resist buying it for 20p in the supermarket (they were selling it off). Not to worry, It's only for practicing with LOL)


Lens - 17.5-45 kit lens
Aperture - f/18
Shutter speed - 1.3 sec
Focal Length - 17mm
Exposure compensation -2 step
Spot metering
Light Source - Tungsten

Oh and it would've been Mum's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Mum, I know you are always with me, maybe not in body but always in spirit!


dailyphotographer said...

wow, great shot. love the reflection too. how'd you do that?:D

Carole said...

Thanks DP. Easy really i use a piece of black acylic (perspex). It gives a great reflection.

AB said...

Love it - I can never resist bargains either! Great stuff for a photograph.

Yes, that post yesterday was for you too :) :) :) Thought you could do with it.