22 February 2008

One More Bite

Well I managed to make some time to take a photograph after all. I just bought some strawberries tonight while out doing my weekly shopping and decided to try my hand at yet another still life photograph. But I just couldn't resist a bite of that lovely ripe strawberry. LOL


  • Camera Olymus E500

  • Lens - 50mm macro

  • Aperture - f/4.5
  • Shutter speed - 1/6 sec

  • ISO-200

  • Light Source - Tungsten
  • Focal Length - 50mm
  • Exposure compensation +0.3 step


Sandra Reach said...

Just gasped in amazement at this stunning photograph Carole. It has everything; colour, content, imagination and you really do feel that you could eat what's left!
Well done on such a beautiful image!

Carole said...

Thankyou Sandra. Glad you liked it. Pleased you're still watching my work.

Travis said...

Really neat photograph. Beautiful