23 February 2008

Purple Drops

My first attempt of capturing water droplets and I have to say it was great fun although a little frustrating. I'm going to have another go though cos, although i'm quite proud and like it, i'm still not happy with it. I know what I want and I haven't captured it yet. But be sure when I do I will post it up.


  • Camera Olymus E500
  • Lens - 50mm macro
  • Aperture - f/5
  • Shutter speed - 1/20 sec
  • ISO-200
  • Light Source - Tungsten
  • Focal Length - 50mm
  • Exposure compensation -0.7 step


dailyphotographer said...

great take. I loved it! great cool color too

Carole said...

Thankyou DP i'm pleased it's been apreciated. It was my first attempt and I really had fun doing it.

Travis said...

What Great colors!. Your work is great. I am just starting to take some basic pictures of nature in the state of Iowa. Would you be willing to provide any comments or suggestions?