1 February 2008


Well my flowers are starting to die off now and I thought i'd take a photograph of the petals which had fallen. When you look closely at them they glisten as if they had glitter sprinkled on them. They look so beautiful, even as they fall apart.
Dianthus is the botanical name for carnations, which means divine flower. The carnation is available as a standard carnation - one large flower per stem, or a spray carnation with lots of smaller flowers. Available in a huge range of colours, almost all except blue. A mauve carnation with a blue tinge has been developed by Florigene in Australia. But they look best in hot Latin shades of red, pink and orange. Carnations can last up to three weeks but should be kept away from ripening fruit and vegetables because of ethylene gas.
  • Camera Olymus E500
  • Lens Zuiko Digital 50mm macro
  • Tripod
  • Aperture - f/18
  • Shutter speed 1/2 sec
  • ISO-200
  • Exposure compensation - 0.3 step
  • Focal Length - 50mm

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