20 January 2008


Commonly known as Daffodil narcissus, jonquil have six outer petals surrounding a cup which creates a trumpet-like look. Some stems produce one flower; others produce clusters. The outer petals are yellow or white; cups may be white, yellow, orange or salmon, and some have an orange edge.

Another attempt at 'still life' work. I still haven't bought those lamps yet so the lighting's not quite right yet. But I won't give up as it's the only way to learn..... try, try try again....

  • Camera Olympus E500
  • 50mm Macro lens
  • Lens Aperture - f/4
  • Shutter Speed - 1/20 sec
  • ISO-200
  • Focal Length - 50mm
  • Exposure Compensation -1 step messed around in photoshop with this version and gave it an infrared look. I like experimenting not only with the camera but also in photoshop t
Three for the price of one today to make up for the missing days of the year i haven't posted. Hope you like this one. I was just messing around in my little make-shift studio and came up with this.

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