19 April 2011

Hazy sunset


Double "D" said...

Hi Carole, you've got to change your profile.
You are truly a professional photographer now.
You've created so many amazing images, in my book you're in my top 3 photographers any where. Wish I could be there with you to observe how you find the subject matter and then capture it with such passion and creativity.


Carole said...

Thanks Doug you are too kind. I really dont see how you think that though. I struggle to like any of my images to be honest. I think I strive for perfection too much. I also have a lot to learn yet. But i am pleased yoou enjoy my images. Wish you could be here too as I think you would have some beautiful surrounding for you to paint.

Double "D" said...

Remember ... a creative artist such as yourself is always beating themselves up because they strive for perfection. So ... what is perfection ... only nature is perfect. Except your excellence and be proud of your accomplishments. Stop being so hard on yourself.

You'll always be great in my book!