17 April 2010


A derelict farmhouse in Teesdale. Don't ask me whereabouts as I haven't got a clue. As always, I get in the car and set out to go to a place; but I tend to take a route that I've never taken before and end up getting lost LOL.


Double "D" said...

Someday you're going to take me with you on one of your rides so that I can see and paint these lovely derelicts you find when your lost. Umm. If that were only possible. I love all the posts prior to this that I haven't commented on.. You're still the best.

Susanne49 said...

See, that what I meant before with telling you "looks like a painting", Carol! Your landscapes are extra class! I wish we would have here scenes like you have there. I would love it, I know that!!!!

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!