15 November 2009


Lumiere, a collaboration between 60 light-and-sound artists, staged as part of Durham's bid for UK culture capital in 2013. The highlight of the night was a phenomenal lighting up of Durham Cathedral, with pages from the 7th-century Lindisfarne Gospels. Pages borrowed from the British Library, and photographed, and somehow rendered in a slow-moving panoply, 100 metres wide and crawling up those impossible spires, by projection artist Ross Ashton.
What a great night and such a spectacle. Thanks to Ross for this fabulous show.

I've just been emailed from the BBC who are using my images for today on their website. Here's the link for today
My Pictures

After that you can access them on the following link Woohoo!!!!

Here's a link to the artists website too. Thank you to Ross for commenting on my little video.

Below is a video of some of my photos taken tonight. Enjoy!

Align Centre


Ross Ashton said...

Nice pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed doing it so everyone's a winner. :) Ross Ashton

Carole said...

It was brilliant Ross and thankyou for visiting my blog.
I had a great time and sat through the show twice.

Susanne49 said...

Hi Carol, what a nice success for you, congratulations my friend! The photos are gorgeous!!!!