8 September 2009


Currently, single people in the UK are discouraged from taking jobs involving less than 30 hours per week, due to no Working Tax Credits being payable below 30 hours.

Working Tax Credits should be available to anyone who chooses to work (no matter how many hours), in preference to living on Jobseekers allowance of £64.30 pw.

If the Government wants to see less people on benefits then why don't they encourage more people to take lower paid /less hours work and upgrade their wages with WTC like those who are married with dependant children. I feel like this is discrimination.

It's funny how alcoholics and drug abusers get more money because of their habit (so I am led to believe) yet single people who want to work but can't work full time maybe because of their age or health reasons get penalised. They are forced to work over 30 hours to get tax credits or they are forced to stay on benefits til they are kicked off.

Below is a link to a petition to Parliament asking the government to change their policy. Anyone who reads this and wishes to sign please do so.

Sign here

Thank you.


Susanne49 said...

I'm sorry to read about these bad situations, Carol!! Wish you luck!

Double "D" said...

What a goofy bunch of old English guys.

Mean, retarded, foolish, stupid, awful, devil like, prejudice, cruel, idiots, bigots and they should all be sent to the retirement home for stupid old farts that have no friends.

I'm really sorry this effects you Carole, you definitly deserve better. Parlimentary bullshit, pardon my out spoken ways. Take care, Doug

Carole said...

Thank you Doug and Susanne for your kind comments. It's just something I had to get off my chest.

Thankyou for being so kind to listen.