3 August 2009

Whilst waiting for the Kingfisher to arrive at Far Pastures pond i decided to take this wasp which landed on a flower infront of me.

The Kingfisher only stayed on the branch for a few seconds this time. This is the best shot out of a dozen I took. The light wasn't fabulous last night.


Double "D" said...

You must have some special way of communicating
with mother nature to have these subjects come and pose for you on cue. I really like the bee. How far away were you when you took the shot?

I bow to the photo mistress.


Carole said...

LOL Doug. I was about 10ft away from the wasp but had my 200mm lens on me. The kingfisher was about 30ft away. The image you see I have had to crop right in to get the close up.