22 August 2009

Sunflower field

I couldn't believe my luck today finding this fabulous sunflower field. It was taken near a village called Elwick in Hartlepool. It's something not really seen up in these parts so it was a rare treat and a nice one.

Article from the Hartlepool Mail
'A SEA of colour has been created in a farmer's field thanks to more than a million sunflowers. The sunflowers can be seen in the fields at Naisberry Farm, in Worset Lane, Elwick, on the outskirts of Hartlepool.

Farmer Tom Bird planted the seeds as an experiment earlier this year and he is hoping to harvest the crop and sell the seeds as bird feed.

If the harvest of the seven hectare crop is successful, then the colourful sight could become an annual event in Hartlepool.'


Susanne49 said...

This sunflower is special, it looks like it has a face :)

Dominique said...

Sea, sun (s) ... missing something ;-)
It must be quite impressive.