9 August 2009

Mum to be

Thanks to Adele for letting me photograph her and thanks to Helen for letting me come in and join the photo shoot. I'd be eternally grateful for some comments on these and any advice what I could do better. Thank you.


Evil Pixie said...

Great photographs, Carole. I especially like the top one. I think the expression on her face does a lot to convey the happiness of her pregnancy, and I especially like your lighting. Very well done.

Carole said...

Thanks Evil Pixie. I had a great time but still have a lot to learn. out of 30 shots I think i got 10 decent ones.

Double "D" said...

Hi Carole,

As far as the pose, I like the second one from the top.
She has her eyes closed and simply covered her breasts with her arm and hand. The other poses are fine as well, I just think the simpler the better. I'm sure you had no control over the light situation. If you were to shoot this in the studio, I think a shot of her standing, back lit with a slight fill light on the front edge. Maybe one hand on her bosom and the other hand on the baby.

Something high key with lots of contrast or something very soft with some sort of filter. Or, OK, I'll shut up now. I just think it's great that she allowed you to photograph her. She is obviously very comfortable with her body.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for stopping by today. Always appreciate your kind words.
Take care,

Susanne49 said...


First of all, it is not an easy thing to shoot maternity photos, it is very delicate to keep some privacy and also respect to the changing body of a pregnant women and to capture that in an acceptable photograph.

I think you did a good job, but I agree with "Double D" to try a standing up shot with back light or also with a color filter. Do you had a studio or was this made on location maybe? Soft light - or even available light - is always better than flash. Flash is often to hard light...

You have in GB so many old houses (castles or ruins)why not to do a series there, titled with "Old (life) and New (life)"?

Go on, try try try...that's all what I can say. :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Carole said...

Thankyou Suzanne. This was a hard shoot to be honest. The lady was my friends friend and she didn't want to do an outside shoot. She only wanted to pose in the house. It was a afvour for my friend to practice.
It was done in her bedroom and it was quite small in size and only one light could be used.
I think your idea the next time to do and old life new life shoot would be great and I will siggest it to my friend. Thankyou for your advice.