22 July 2009

River flow


Susanne49 said...

Tell me Carol, do you speak and read Chinese too...? LOL..

The photo is extraordinary! I love the colors, the softness...I just LOVE it!!! :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Carole said...

No i dont speak chinese Susanne. I have been getting a lot of chinese/japanese comments but when i put bits in the translation programme in google it's either just gibberish or sometimes quite rude. So i tend to delete these comments. i did put a block on but somehow they still keep posting.

Double "D" said...

OK, now please tell me how you took this shot.
Some beginning photographer you are. Hey
anything happening with the business.

Carole said...

yes Doug I took the photo. LOL I used aperture priority f18 to slow the motion down. It was a lovely evening light which casted a golden light. A tweak in Photoshop and there you have it.LOL