20 July 2009

Just a couple of pics I took on a drive in the country on Sunday. I forgot to take off my macro lens on the camera after taking some still life images (that turned out badly I may add) and then went for a drive in the countryside. I didn't have my camera bag with all my lenses in so I had to take these images with my macro lens. LOL I'm such a fool.


Double "D" said...

Beautiful shot of the horse.
He didn't seem to be bothered knowing
he was being shot with a macro. LOL.

Susanne49 said...

The horse is wonderful, beautiful, Carol! It's a strong shot and dynamic. I love it!

Is that maybe a wild horse? Do you have wild horses also in GB? ...sure you have... :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Carole said...

Not a wild horse no but we do have them on Dartmoor. But this isn't a wild one.