3 July 2009



Evil Pixie said...

Fantastic shot! It's almost an abstract. Your choice to have it in black and white was perfect.

Double "D" said...

Carole, you're becoming quite the studio photographer. You'll be shooting product shots before you know it with a large format digital setup.

If you show anymore versatility and creativity, other so called photographers will just throw up there hands and walk away knowing they have no chance with you around.

Dominique said...

These are my favorite on this page.

pascaline said...

I like it !

Susanne49 said...

How beautiful and excellent shots, Carol! Are they from that wedding you did recently?

I know, it's longtime since I have visited your blog - sorry for that! Traveling is very time consuming for me, but beautiful!

Thanks for your visits to my blog, very much appreciated.
Sue's Daily Photography